Monthly Archives: March 2016

Basic paint application

Part one is all about ‘WHAT PAINT CAN DO’ so these exercises are a great way to start with this course of painting.

So far I have invested in some new brushes and been playing with those and then concentrated on paining some fruit and a landscape from memory and now I have just been experiement in with tools to get paint on a surface so things like bubble wrap, cotton wool buds, sponges (natural and synthetic) fabric a fern leaf and bottle corks.

On reflection I think that the use of the brush is the best way to control the paint but the use of pallet knife and other tools gives some uncharacteristic marks that tend to give a painting more texture. When painting with other tools than a brush the feeling of letting go needs to be adhered to some extent as the connection between paint-tool-surface and creator need a technique for a skill to develop.