Assingment 1.

I found the brief for this assignment very vague, Basically paint an object or interior………..

The initial thought was positive and then it dawned on me that I have no idea what to paint. I looked though all my painting books hopping to appropriate someone or gain inspiration. I listened to different genres of music hoping to transcribe this musical story into a painting. I read up on Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and come across After the Party 1979  (unique screen print on Arches 88 paper )and was intrigued, so that’s where I started. Photo of the After Party. Screen print of After the Party.

After the party , shows Warhols popular lifestyle where he often threw parties at studio 54 with glamour and famous people and was Known to snap away the night capturing his life and others on film. He was said to be curious about the perception and reactions of people around him at a time where his popularity incited certain moments that he was able to capture on film. “As spontaneous as these images may seem, they are intrinsically staged, with Warhol himself as both chronicler and catalyst of the moments he is documenting” Bob Colacello REF-A catalogue Raisonne 1962-1987 [1]

After the party is a stylised composition referring to symmetry and complex photographic representation. This series created his interest in more abstract exploitation  of the still life genre. The composition is arranged based on an inverted pyramid, a compositional device developed by the Renaissance artists in order to create greater depth. The shape of the bowls and plates are cut into and framed by the rectangle and shows the impulsive snap shot style so traditional composition techniques are placed adjacent to popular photographic techniques. The stark contrast between the black and white print emphasise the flatness of 3D reality reproduced as 2d and therefore becomes motif and decorative. I think this series of images intrigued me because of the shapes of the objects and the shapes around the objects. The stark contrast between negative and positive space and the use of glass to transcend and connect the two is cleverly placed without looking like a traditional composition. Andy Warhol use of photography (the mediated image)and painting (bourgeois cultural image) was the ignition for developing photo transfer silkscreen processes which created a whole other cultural language of the 20th century.

For this assignment I drew a few compositional studies in my workbook and placed lights to force shadows into the composition. I also took many photos from different view points (David Hockney perspective- lots of different photos taken while moving around the objects) because I wanted to pick the best shapes that were created on a flat surface and photos tend to let me see 3D objects as shapes and spaces – not forms. I choose to paint these objects because they are my tools, my lifestyle is intrinsic with the OCA as either studying for this course or the ‘understanding visual culture’ course so I’m either painting or reading about the culture of creating- this is my party. The red painted coke bottle is a reference to the pop art movement and to Andy Warhol influence and dedication to the development of Pop Art.


shapes have been distorted in the enlargement process.

concentrated on shapes and tone.

Try to stick to a limited pallet , and not sure if I should take out the pallet plate but certainly needs work on the shape. Like the brightness of the painting as the natural light was streaming in above and to the left side which makes it look over exposed and like an over exposed photograph. This is a recurring idea of transcribing the differences of painting and photography and therefore the hierarchy of the two mediums.  I don’t want to ‘over work’ this painting and I m conscious of taking it to far and the painting looking like a photograph (although I don’t think I’m that skilled in the technique of patience and detailed work to take the painting that far)  but I like the shapes between the objects, the flatness of colour due to the limited pallet and I like the painting looking like a painting and not a true representation.

2016-07-04 08.27.25

over paint with a silver to give a slight shine.


Pop Art byKlaus. Hornet, Published by TASCHEN 2012

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