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All the photos are my own taken at Ellington Park , Ramsgate during events in 2106.

I requested an extension so I could get involved with all the art events that take place over the summer period in and around Ramsgate. I was asked to submit some paintings for a local exhibition, so needed some time to prepare these and I also got involved with the local art festival.

Shows visited-

Roy Eastland- the luminous and the Grey. Silver-point drawings.

Roy is my life drawing tutor, when I can afford it. This was a beautiful collection of work. Very mystical and ghost impressionistic which I feel the Silverpoint effect creates this interpretation. Some of the miniatures were taken from old photos, from a time no longer. The work was a contemporary connection with the past, mystical, blurring into today’s moment with a recognisable mark from the past.

The pie factory in Margate is an art space that can be hired from £250 a week. I always pop in when I can to see and talk to the local artist taking advantage of this space available.

Opera on the Beach in Ramsgate was a first for me ,my son and the dog. People were camped down with glasses of wine and deck chairs but it wasn’t all high class culture, Children were still building sand castles on the beach and dog walkers were out on their routine stroll. The homeless were hanging out in their Known corner of the beach so a good mix of people. Did get a bit cold sitting on the sand so we didn’t stay for the whole Performance of

Ellington Park exhibition

Between the saint and the sea.

This exhibition celebrates Ramsgates Past with hats from the past for children to try on and pictures of local people and then their actual clothes, on display . The people may be no longer around but the photos and their belonging live on. This emptying the personality from the objects is how myths are created according to Roland Barths in his book Mythologies written in 1972 . By objectifying the past we are signifying the past and for some viewers this causes nostalgic reminiscing , for me it a way of remembering a different Ramsgate and how it looked back then and a feeling that someone was here before you.

I showed 2 paintings in this exhibition and it was a fantastic show and the visitors were extremely interested in all the exhibits but the lighting was poor for work on the walls.

Florum is an annual exhibition in Sevenoaks. They show work from invited prestigious artists and creators from textile designers, Publisher of Books , members and teachers from around the world .

I thought this would be a good idea to see this as I’m working on still life and flowers at the moment in my coursework. I brought a few cards with some of the images on show to use as reference. The lighting and set up was very good but they seem to have outgrown the location and are looking for a new venue for next years event.

I would have liked to see more abstract images on show and more mixed media but the show had a good balance of traditional botanically art and contemporary work. This show; works well in its ‘rumpty’ Kent location, the Sevenoaks nature reserve. I was imagining the same work on show in the town centre in some sparkly white soulless art gallery and I wasn’t interested in going to see that.

The way we see ART has become so traditional and it makes me wonder if creating work for exhibitions is the right way forward. I think it’s good for experience but upon reflection I feel I created something (BETWEEN THE SAINT AND THE SEA) for a space I had no knowledge of. This was fundamentally wrong, A mistake I have learnt from. Ideally I would like to create art on walls in homes so that the room becomes the art work and we therefore live within that art form. The only problem is when people move houses- they won’t be able to take it with them but the new owner would have to decide to either live with it or paint over it. Art can’t just be decoration for me……………