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Tutors feedback A2

Overall comments.

Don’t send so much. Send 2 paintings including assignment and up to 5 preparatory paintings and drawings.

I think this is a good time to cut back on the amount being sent as the tutor must have a gist of the visual language I’m communicating, what level and what voice I am expressing. I just wonder if there is any point sending hard copies and will enquire at the point of sending if I should just convert to Digital. I changed from OIL paints to Acrylics so the work would be dry for sending to the tutor but, if this isn’t necessary then I will revert back to a medium that I’m more confident with and love.

Feedback on Assignment.

Consistent with the first assignment and at a good level. Competent standard of technical and visual skills for level one.

The drawings are more fluid than the paintings.

The paintings suffer with high key colours and a lack of tonal range, PARTICULARLY MID TONES.

This is a reoccurring comment and one I had from my previous tutor. I have thought thoroughly about this and have had my eyes tested but optometrist do not check tonal perspectives. I think this may be associated with my view upon the world from the Influences of the ‘others’. I think that my tutors are correct about my lack of visualising the mid Tones within compositions or studies but I question; Why do I preferred not to concentrate on the mid tones and why am I attracted to highly contrasting scenes, Artist that use hot contrasting colours (Gogh, Mondrian, Klein) and infatuated by shadows? This is a learning Journey and I must express this learning though my Blog so That my tutors understand why I have a lack of Mid tone. My personality is very ; Black and White and I have a strong identification with the ‘self’, therefore my perception of tone is mater of fact. I need to express this and I do that in my paintings and explain my ‘self’ perception in my Blog.

The need to understand colours is something I need to do with Acrylics as they don’t mix the same as Oils and you can work the oils into a colour on the actual canvas where with acrylics, you have to keep mixing separate colours hourly due to when you change one colour is has an effect on the overall colour range. With Oils I can manage the drying out of the colour but with acrylic is feels like one step at a time (colour by numbers)  instead of a piece of work evolving into something.

My tutor has suggested I try some colour range and tonal control exercises, and to tint when using black and white.


Enter a caption

Three Primitive Colours Assumed as a Perfect System of Rudimentary Information by Charles Hayter

Sketchbook, learning log/Blog and Critical essays.

Strongest work is in sketchbook, with some competent well- observed drawings. The charcoal can become to heavy and obscure definition and detail. Learning log/blog is comprehensive with displays of research, self appraisal, response to problem solving.

Suggested points for next assignment 3-

Study the work of Watteau, Goya, Degas, Sickert, Doig, C Avery and Jenny Saville and work on Definition, Colour and tonal range, Anatomy, proportion, context, simplify composition, light direction and shadows on the skin and the tonal values.



Tutor report dated 13th January 2017.

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