Review my work so far. p1-p4

Review what you have achieved so far and reflect on which projects you enjoyed the most and which ones were challenging and why. What areas do you feel require more practice?

I have laid out some of my work but as with Drawing 1 , its a lot of work that takes up much space that I don’t have. This course has been taking much longer than expected and it is hard to remember how I felt about the exercises at the beginning.

So far I feel I have a good understanding as to where I am going , what I need to focus on and have strong ideas about the development theme for part 5 of the course. I feel that like most painters you never feel like you have accomplished much even if you painted every day. That is the concept of painting, which is that you are never completely happy with the outcome because its a creative subject which keeps encouraging more creativity, you therefore feel the work has never come to its creative full stop. What I have achieved is a recognition of my style of working (emotionally lead, thoughtful but playful) and I’m starting to see a certain style in my PRACTICE OF work. My work is a style which is rumpty, wonky, colourful, bold and jolly, these characteristics just seems to appear when looking at all my work together.

The projects I enjoyed so far are the people and landscapes studies. I didn’t enjoy ‘drawing 1’ landscape part of the course but really got to grips with it using paint and pastels. I like drawing people and enjoyed using the paint to create different colour tones and atmospheric forms. The most challenging thing is to find something that interests me while carrying out the exercises, sometimes I just find them to restricting but feel like I will carry on regardless so that all the objectives are meet, sometimes affecting the outcome of the assignments. This time I will whiz through the exercises and focus more on the assignment work and the studies.

All painting requires more practice so this is an odd question to ask a student. I know my strengths and weakness and now I need to decide if I work harder on developing my weaknesses such as the technical aspects or carry on developing my strengths? I think this is where I find the course work tedious because its about techniques; perspective, shape and forms and the laws of colour theory. I prefer to work with the paint ; gestural, large and bold. This is the area I will practice more and remember to think about the technical side of things when critically reviewing my own work. work so far pop

Some of my work so far for painting 1, practice of painting 2016-2017.



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