Assignment 5 work in progress

So far I have been looking to the following Artists;

  • Frank Stella. His works show geometric markings, collage and are assembled to the stage of sculptural abstractions. The abstraction is expressed emerging from the surface. Uses  enamel paint and metal surfaces. All of these concepts are ones I would like to practice  more.
  • David Hockney. I have been influenced by Hockney for ever and have looked at his Yorkshire landscapes and how he dividends up his compositions onto panels so the outcome is that it feels life size, you feel part of the surrounding images and the viewer is seeing the landscape through Hockneys eyes.
  • ODILION Reddon. Attracted to the way the paint has been used to depict feeling, emotions and they all look timeless.
  • Anselm Kiefer.   Interested in the way other mediums are used and how this creates an overall style. Post more about this artist here; Research- Anselm Kiefer (1945-)
  • Sam Francis . Empowered by the fluidity of his work, it is very feminine as the work looks like a floral pattern found on a silky blouse. He uses paint that is very diluted so is able to drip and flow. He layers his paints so the colours are more vivid and less murky.

So Far I have been drawing on location and painting in the studio. I have taken a few photos at different times of the day as concentrating on the shadows. I have had a few ideas of how to proceed towards the final 3-5 works developing a theme. I am not set in my ways as I think this assignment will evolve in the process and don’t want to get caught up with a brief that could become constricting of the fundamentals.

The first painting is a study, it is a process of applying paint without the use of a brush. I did use a brush to add a ground colour and preparation of the A3 board. I used the following; painting knife, bottle cork, sea sponge, ragged away paint and my favourite tool; cotton wool bud.  I am happy with this composition and will now take sections of this composition, such as the playground and paint a close up of this section. A park bench is planned so far to have a canvass dedicated to it,  where it will be textural and abstract.


Study for Assignment 5.


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