Exhibition; Local Artist.

Karen and Ian Record are a couple exhibiting at the Pie Factory in Margate in August, which was from a years work while living on a ship. Karen paintings are described online- ‘…oil pieces she uses a mixture of paint, oil mediums, turpentine and of course gravity to encourage movement of the paint to produce some beautiful effects. The layers and colours result in abstract work, organic in nature’


I felt the paintings were similar to the way I had started working with Enamel paints, often leaving the paints to bump into one another and watch , often mesmerised by the sloth like movement. I found her colours were far to intense and the spattering and droplets of paint pastiche. I was more interested in the harmonious paintings that looked like they were covered in moss, so the texture of the surface was something I wanted to look at more, this caught and captured my eye.

I view galleries as much as possible and don’t always share thoughts on my blog as I don’t think its relevant to write up everything, just the appropriate reflections or thoughts that relate to my studies.

My thoughts on this show was that it was very vibrant and the contrast with the reinnervated marine iron as sculptures was intriguing. It was a explanation of themselves, opposites attracted; the fluidity, brightness and delicate handling of  paint and the use of  hard, brutal, dirty metal;  the iron sculptures. I and others enjoyed the juxtaposition and I hope they sold some work but I did come away thinking that working solely with Enamel paint is to hollow, it needs more substance. Paint and Gravity is just not enough to entice me.

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