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Reflection on tutorial. Assignment 4.

So glad we had a video tutorial as have just changed tutors as Richard has left the Oca due to very busy work commitments such as private commissions and a one man show in London this summer. This was a moment to get acquainted quickly with my new tutor and I find the verbal communication far more truthful or easier to interpret than the writing communication in a tutors report. Diana Ali was instantly recognisable from the BBC television program ‘ The big picture’ and she is just as energetic as a tutor as she is as the mentor in the TV show. I finished the call on a high, very motivated and amazed that she understood how I felt through my small selective amount of work that I sent. Her advise was incredible and accurate, I have a strong understanding of what to focus on going forward into assignment 5. Really looking forward to our next video call as I know it will be very beneficial again.

The written report was very thorough as well, even though I was expecting more of a bullet point assessment. The points to consider are-

  • Think about a sense of self-discovery to investigate what paint can do.
  • Work with a subject matter that’s expressive as this correlates with my strengths.
  • Technical ability needs working on such as observation, perspective, geometry and a sense of depth.
  • Let yourself go as working gestural, physically is a strength so work bigger, don’t confine to a small canvas.
  •  Assignment piece; I explained that I would like to attempt it again as more of a series of works because I feel the straw didn’t work and may have to add more straw on. The next one that I’m painting now has no straw and is much more connected with Hockney after seeing his retrospective at Tate Britain at the weekend. My tutor said another go at it would be a good idea, but only If I have the time. I have reviewed the assignment piece after my discussion with my tutor and changed the background tones so more a lighter hue. Added more grey into the shadow of the tree in the foreground. Still having problems with the shapes of the branches of the tree in the foreground as very flat. In my studies I was able to create branches directing out of the trunk from all directions but have not been able to manage this in the assignment. The colour vibrancies has been toned down and is not so hot. There is now distinctions as a different colour is associated with each depth ( fore/mid/background)  Still not happy with the straw as it flattens the foreground, will think about a solution to this going forward as finding I’m getting stuck on this detail.
  • Sketchbook- shows competent sketches and planning but don’t use it as an exercise log book. Experiment more with paint in the book and explore ideas.
  • Research- explore and reference artist more with why you gravitate towards there work. (Make more connections and links between your work and there’s.) The use of other artist work when resolving a problem is good practice.
  • Blog- discourse a view of moving forward and what you might do to improve.

Suggested viewing; Anselm Kiefer, Peter Doid, Ernst Kirchner, Piet Mondrian (earlier trees), Leon Kossoff.

Have researched and posted biography referenced via the Tate on my Pinterest site.

Updated assignment painting. A1 size. Oil paint, sand, straw.

2nd attempt with more of a link to Hockney. And no straw. Oil on canvas A1 size.

Wanted to experiement with the direction of brushwork to aid conceivable shapes, forms and perspective, All technical areas of work. I rubbed off the brush work with a rag drowned in turps. Was. More selective with brushwork and shadows, and then experimented with scraping paint off.  I sat an thought about the colours I would use and the direction of paint for a long time but should have worked on this in my sketchbook first